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SAICA Board approves the issuing of public statements regarding the progress and outcome of its disciplinary hearings

Johannesburg, 7 June 2018 – The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) has amended its by-laws to permit the issuing of public statements by the SAICA chief executive officer (CEO) regarding the institution of any complaint or investigation or action against a member once a draft charge sheet or a charge sheet has been issued…

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SAICA and KPMG part ways

Johannesburg, 01 June 2018 – The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants’ (SAICA) Board has accepted KPMG’s offer to resign as SAICA’s external auditors, citing possible perceived independence concerns if they were to perform the 2018 audit as a result of the current SAICA-appointed Ntsebeza Inquiry which is looking into some of the former and current…

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Ntsebeza Inquiry wrapping up

Johannesburg, 28 May 2018 – The Ntsebeza Inquiry is entering the final stage of its work. This is according to Adv. Dumisa Ntsebeza SC, who said that the Panel is currently wrapping up and will soon start to write its report. The Inquiry Panel and SAICA’s Board have agreed that the Panel will complete its report by…

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