In anticipation of the annual prescribed board rotation, applications are open for candidates to fill three (3) non-executive positions on the SAICA Board.

SAICA therefore invites Chartered Accountants (SA) to apply, or for members to nominate suitably qualified candidates to serve on the SAICA Board as non-executive members. All candidates must be upstanding individuals who demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and are supporters of high ethical standards.

Important: SAICA respects your privacy and acknowledges that by completing and submitting this form you will be submitting information (including but not limited to personal information), which may belong to you as the applicant, and where applicable also the nominee. By submitting this form, you are expressly submitting the personal information to be processed by SAICA for the purpose of this nomination process, which will be done in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (POPI) and/or other relevant data protection laws and regulations. By submitting this form as an applicant, you are voluntarily expressing your will to grant SAICA permission to process your personal information, including your special personal information i.e., race/ethnic origin etc. for the purpose of this nomination process.  For our Personal Information Protection Notice and related data privacy policies refer to our website.


The general requirements, criteria and application/nomination forms for suitably qualified individuals are outlined below.

Individuals who apply also need to complete the necessary ‘Conflict of Interest’ and ‘Agreement allowing probity checks’ forms and attach a comprehensive CV.



Every Board member must:

  1. subscribe to the highest levels of ethics and integrity;
  2. support transformation and nation building and be willing to implement suitable strategies;
  3. have a sound understanding of governance and business principles;
  4. be a strategic thinker and aware of developments in the country and globally that impact the profession or will impact the profession in the future;
  5. be willing to address key issues and solve them. It requires strong leadership, with Board members not afraid to challenge the status quo and who are prepared to address issues such as the disciplining of errant members;
  6. be prepared to take time to understand the business so that they can play a positive and effective role;
  7. have an understanding of governance principles, ethics, risk management and internal controls;
  8. be able to engage with management and have robust discussions on strategy and performance, and be prepared to have difficult conversations where necessary. (Business experience at a high level);
  9. have sufficient knowledge of strategies and operations to provide support to management where needed;
  10. understand the importance of communications in all its forms from a reputational risk management perspective; and
  11. be able to define and identify key stakeholders at any point in time and engage them as appropriate.

A balance of the following skills, knowledge and attributes will be considered by the Nominations and Governance Committee when nominating Board members.

  1. Prior experience from serving on a Board will be seen as an advantage.
  2. The candidate should preferably have an understanding of the core skills and training needs of accountancy and related subjects. It is critical that the Board understands key technical issues so that it can make appropriate strategic decisions relating to resource allocation.
  3. The candidate should have an understanding of the future education and training needs of the profession, because changes implemented take 7 to 10 years to take effect.
  4. The candidate should have some knowledge of the public sector and government.
  5. The candidate should have some knowledge of small and medium business.
  6. The candidate should have a strategic understanding of auditing and assurance and how these should be developed in the future to meet the requirements of the public.
  7. The candidate should have an understanding of Human Resource Management and latest developments associated with it.
SAICA Board Applications/Nominations Form
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Personal Information


In order to enhance the composition of a truly diverse Board and assist in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage for the profession, the NOMCO will also consider race, gender, age and disability diversity in its selection process. All Board appointments are made having due regard to these attributes which the Board may require to be effective.


It is the aim of the NOMCO to achieve a balance of relevant skills, expertise and knowledge of the core skills of the profession that are appropriate for the governance of SAICA.


I confirm that I will be available OR accept this nomination and wish to be considered by the NOMCO of SAICA for appointment to the SAICA Board.