SAICA’s strategic partnership with the Good Governance Academy

SAICA is a partner of the Good Governance Academy (GGA), an initiative founded by Professor Mervyn King.

The vision of the GGA is to hold at least two colloquia a year in which there will be input from national and international universities and business schools on critical governance issues so that the best thought leadership is imparted to educators for the benefit of the future corporate leaders of South Africa. Presentations from these colloquia will be captured in memoranda.

SAICA, as a partner of the GGA, will receive these memoranda free of charge for distribution to its members, so that both members in practice and business, as well as aspirant professionals, are kept informed of what is happening internationally on these critical governance issues.

The GGA’s vision to act as a catalyst between international and South African tertiary educators in business science, falls in line with the Sustainable Development Goals that were released by the United Nations in 2015 and signed off by more than 150 world leaders. The work of the GGA will focus mainly on Goals 17 and 4. Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) records that the 16 goals cannot be achieved without collaboration. Goal 4 is focused on the achievement of quality education. This, in turn, ties into South Africa’s National Development Plan around quality education.

The first colloquium took place earlier this year and focused on Value Creation in a Sustainable Manner.   The second colloquium, themed Effective Corporate Leadership, is due to take place on 28 November 2019 and the full memorandum will be posted on this page shortly after the meeting.

Value Creation in a Sustainable Manner– memorandum of colloquium

Effective Corporate Leadership– memorandum of the second colloquium held on 28 November

Integrated thinking and doing an integrated report – Memorandum of the 3rd colloquium

The importance of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) – Memorandum of the 4th colloquium

Enterprise Value Creation – Memorandum of the 5th colloquium